Persuasive Essay On Video Games

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“I never have an end goal. I don't want to be a movie star. I just want to live everyday making another cool thing I’m proud of” (O’Conner, 3). Markiplier explains his ideology of making his gaming videos. He wants to create videos of his interest and what he is proud of. While it is true that Gaming YouTubers are people who make a living online playing video games, through charity campaigns and creating a positive community of people like them allows them to send a message to their viewers and it is necessary to encourage these gamers because but hate online can create them to feel uninspired to create their content.
Even though it is unfair to a working citizen that Gaming YouTubers make a great living online playing video games, it takes a lot of time and dedication to create one of their videos, never the less make their channel become big enough to earn money. It would be anyone’s dream to earn a great amount of money for doing something they love to do but not everyone has the opportunity. An American worker that works a regular job comments on the earning of Gaming YouTubers, “So you work 14 hours a day and earn $100,000 a year. Wow! That’s great. You must be awesome. Well, I know a guy who records himself play video games every day and earn a freaking $12 million dollars! $12 million dollars! I can see some of you already hating him” (Siddhu 1). It is unfair to working citizens that a person could earn so much money off of doing something simple online. Even though

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