Persuasive Essay On Why Is Hunting

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What makes the value of a human’s life greater compared to an elk’s life or a fly’s life or even a plant’s life? All life is sacred and equal; many people do not see things this way. Many people have not taken the time to contemplate the idea. Many people have not taken the time to contemplate hunting. Since humans can go to the market for all that an animal could provide, is it even necessary? The answer is yes. Though hunting involves taking a life, it is a useful tool to have; it is good for the Earth’s health; it is more ethical and healthy than factory farming, and it connects the soul with nature. Hunting is a necessary skill for many different scenarios; it may be found useful in minor or drastic times. If for any reason, food is scarce, there is not a way as rewarding as hunting for food personally because it is certainly not an easy task. The meat is fresh and with proper execution from kill to cook, then that’s some good feed right there. Hunting can save money on food as well. The native Americans were big on using every material of their hunted animals (mainly bison) which is very respectful; the most important part of the hunt is the thanks. A good way to give it is by not letting anything go to waste, which can also be very serviceable on a survival mission. The materials can be used for countless duties. With good crafting skills, many different tools can be made from certain animal remains. Not every material will always come from the animal alone, but

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