Persuasive Essay On Why People Should Pay For Their Own Sar

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Having your life in danger is something that not many people can imagine. You only get one life and when it is endangered you panic. By instinct the first thing you do is call for help and hope that someone comes. But what about the lives of rescuers that come to help. Uncountable numbers of rangers, firefighters, police, etc. have died trying to save people when there lives are endangered. On top of that who puts in the money? Rescues can cost thousands of dollars and who pays for that? You may be surprised but everyone pays for the rescue of people who put themselves at risk through tax dollars. It isn’t fair that we have to give up our hard earned money for the mistakes of others. People should have to pay for their own SAR. People should …show more content…

If people are charged for search and rescue maybe they will be more careful out in the wilderness. By calling someone for help you aren't the only one in danger anymore; You are now endangering them as well. Some may say people should be given the right to free SAR so people won't be afraid to call for help even if they can’t afford them but this isn’t fair to the people who answer the call. What about the lives of the people that come to rescue them? What about their lives. For example one ranger who died trying to save someone was “Nick Hall...On June 21, Hall and other rangers were assisting climbers who were injured at 13,800 feet on the Emmons Glacier section of the mountain. After helping them into a rescue helicopter, he was trying to secure an empty litter in high winds when he fell 2,500 feet onto the Winthrop Glacier”(Davidson 2012). If these people knew they would be charged maybe they wouldn’t make the mistake of climbing the mountain without knowing the dangers. This is why people should have to pay for their own SAR because by trying to save people, people put their own lives in big

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