Women's Rights In Saudi Arabia Essay

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For a very long time in Saudi Arabia, this has been the only country in the world that has had bans on the women driving. In this nation, they considered it illegal for a woman to be seen driving. Most of the human rights activists have tried to fight this law imposed by the nation’s forefathers, but this has consequently taken a long time before they succeed. They always sought to end this conservative tradition which was regarded to makes women don't have the right to drive in the country because of the conservative society, and how some of the religious members of the society try to take this right from the Saudi women. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabian has a lot of conservative tribes, which do not accept changes quickly in their lifestyle. The current King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz enacted an order that would make reforms in a royal decree requesting that the women in the society have the right to now be granted with driving licenses if they wanted them. This comes as a clear indication of the transformations that the community is undergoing, and it implies that positivity will follow this order (Chulov, 1). In every society, both men and women should be granted equal rights if the country wants to develop and progress. Therefore, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz will not allow having one oppressed gender that is not favorable for the collective national growth. As the King made this order, there were a lot of implications that this would bring to the Saudi society in general. This

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