Persuasive Essay : Why Hunting Should Be Banned?

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Animals roamed the Earth long before we even were brought to existence. Animals have helped make the world how it is today and they are crucial to our environment and our well-being. They have long been an essential part of human culture. Whether it be a meal in their daily lifestyle or a cultural ritual or even in our sporting activities. Without animals our world wouldn’t be the same. Though at the same time an important question asked today by humans is if hunting should be allowed. Hunting is a very controversial topic with some saying it is a fun recreational activity that helps the environment, and others saying it is inhumane and endangers some animal populations.
To a certain population of people, hunting is a fun and active sport that lets people bond between each other by providing entertainment and supplying jobs to people to support their personal lives. Hunting is a pretty popular sport with 6 percent American population doing it every year. “There will be old and young hunters pursuing pheasants over the next six weeks or so.” New hunters will be pouring in as well. There are many social groups involving hunting and there are many hunting shops including Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's which includes people with jobs. Hunting is also controlled by the federal government by controlling the animal populations, “A federal court has lifted the endangered species protection for wolves in the state.” This shows that the sport is heavily controlled. Although, hunting does

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