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I'm not a writer but I do have deep thoughts. Been thinking about life and struggle. Why we go through it and how we got there. Going to cut the BS. We get there because we lose ourselves in people and things. We give away ourselves to people that don't deserve us. When we think we're good and on land a tidal wave hits us out of nowhere but you saw it coming. You try to swim for land but wave after wave comes and you for the life of you can't save yourself. As you're trying to stay above the waves you can see your family or friends that are underwater too. You start to ask why you never saw it. By this time, you can't save them because you can't save yourself. So what do you do now? You either swim or drown. How do you save yourself along with your family and friends. You see people on land but they are to scared to help. Why? They swim out there they might not be able to swim back. They have a handful of reasons why they can't help. So they watch. They don't have time or want that in their live. They check out and leave you behind. We all want to be somebody. By the time you get back to land your wet and different. Your damaged physically and mentally. They look you head to toe and say, Your not welcome anymore. So now you have no place to go and no friends or family. You try to make more friends but you saw what happened the first time so you hid yourself and lock your heart up. But when you did that, you became fake. Like all the over people on the beach. You
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