Persuasive Speech On Animal Testing

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Imagine you were in the 1970s and someone told you that soon computers take over everything from shopping to dating and that you would even own a handheld device much more powerful than a computer. It would have seemed completely ridiculous to say that but now all of that has happened. Science fiction has become our reality and we don't even realize it. Today we're at a similar point in time but with genetic modification. So why don't we talk about it where it came from what we're doing right now and about a recent breakthrough that will change how we live and what we perceive as normalforever I. Man has been editing life for millions of years. Through a process called selective breeding, we strengthened valuable qualities in plants and animals. We never really understood how selective breeding and other methods really worked until the discovery of deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. You can imagine DNA a comprehensive instruction manual that instructs you body to grow and reproduce. In the 1960s, sciences shot plants with a variety of radiations. The radiations caused random mutations or defects in the plants, such as roots growing in the wrong place. In the 90s the flavor saver tomato made its way to shelves around the country. This genetically modified tomato had an extra long shelf life due to an extra gene inserted that slowed down the buildup of enzymes that caused rotting. The problem with these methods is that they were very time to consume and cost a lot.

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