Persuasive Speech On Pet Animals

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Gloria Lara
Kaylee Baucom
English 100
8 October 2017
How to Adopt a Dog Dogs are said to be one of the most loyal animal companions that mankind will ever encounter. Dogs are energetic, loving animals whose lives revolve around their owners. 1.6 million Americans have an adopted dog they now care for (Pet Statistics). Though many are rescued from shelters, there is still a substantial number of puppies and dogs that need adopting. This study is to show how Las Vegas residents are able to adopt these ever-loving companions. Pets are a huge part of many American families, a majority of these pets are dogs. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it is estimated that 78 million dogs are owned in America and about 44% of all households have a pet dog (Pet Statistics). With that, 3.3 million dogs are turned into animal shelters all around the nation with 670,000 sheltered dogs being euthanized, or put to death (Pet Statistics). Though these are still substantial numbers, they are at an all-time low compared to past years. About 1.6 of the 3.3 million dogs are adopted each year. An estimate of 620,000 strays are returned to their owners, contributing to the lower number of pets being euthanized (Pet Statistics). Though many Americans are adopting dogs from animal shelters, there is still a great quantity of furry friends that need adopting! Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility, similar to having a baby. The crucial step when adopting a

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