Persuasive Speech On Veganism Can Help Reduce Pollution

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Name: Veganism Can Help Reduce Pollution
Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech, my audience will know that becoming vegans helps reduce pollution and will be persuaded to do so.
Attention Getter: Did you know, that rearing animals to produce more greenhouse gas emissions while digesting than all cars, planes and other forms of transportation combined? Comparing of production of one pound of animal protein versus one pound of soy protein is alarming. Production of animal protein demands twelve times more land, thirteen times more fossil, and fifteen times more water.
Personal credibility: It is fair to claim that pollution has caused climate change. The emission of greenhouse gases is the main factor, which “is the humankind’s
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“Since it takes, on average, about 11 times more fossil fuel to produce a calorie of animal protein” (PETA, par.4), comparing to the production of “a calorie of grain protein, considerably more carbon dioxide is released” (PETA, par. 4). Researchers state that vegetable protein’s production is more ‘climate efficient’ comparing to that from the animal source.
Veganism can help the globe fight world hunger
1. Hunger and malnutrition is a threat to livelihoods of many people around the world. They are currently suffering from not having enough food to feed their children and themselves.
2. Nonetheless, Americans use more than a half of their grain to feed livestock.
3. Even though the meat has more calories than plant food, more calories and nutrient profiles can be produced if the farmland was more dedicated to different plants.
4. The deforestation, overfishing, and pollution (McCarthy, par. 8) limit the food production. Huge chunks of farmland are currently used to grow food needed to feed animals.
5. In different countries, animals are fed cereal, vegetables, and legumes, to produce enough dairy and meat. Each year “more than 700 million tons of food” (McCarthy, par. 5) suitable to feed humans is consumed by animals.
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