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“ Another season another loss said Blaine, as he was looking at his season schedule while he was walking to school and It was late september and some leafs on the ground. First of all we were terrible last year. Terrible!!! He repeated, as he was expressing how mad he was. And we are losing players. I mean no one wants to play on a team that doesn't know how to the game of FOOTBALL. Our other QB throws a trashy wobbly pass that is automatically return for six. Our wide receivers can’t catch for their life. Are defense line are a bunch of sally's and our safeties are too slow. Don’t even get me started on our secondary!” And Blaine went on and on telling his friend Jerry the running back how bad the team was. But he wasn’t the only person who heard Jamison the “ Other ” QB was there. And he said “ It’s not like you can do any better. You can’t throw over 20 yards”. “ Lets see, whos better tonight is our first practice and the coaches will be looking for a QB! said Blaine, with an arrogant smile.” Then the day past and nothing happend at school, well except for the terrible social studies teacher Mrs. Powell handing out homework like crazy. Blaine got home using the bus and he hated everything about it, how the seats were too small the bus ride was long and most of all Jamison was on his bus. He hated the fact that Jamison was the starter last year and had to sit on the bench and try to be some stupid cheerleader. Blaine could go on and on for hours talking about how he

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