Pet Friendly Cities Of The United States

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One of the most pet friendly cities in the United States is Carmel, California. Dogs are allowed to run free on the beach, shop owners keep dog biscuits in their stores, and several restaurants welcome pets. If you are visiting Carmel, California with your four-legged friend you might want to add one of these pet friendly restaurants to your itinerary. Bistro 211 The Bistro 211 on Crossroads Boulevard is a very pet-friendly restaurant that even offers it 's own "Doghouse Menu". For the human guests Bistro 211 offers European style food made using locally grown and wholesome foods. Bistro 211 serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily with brunch served on Saturdays and Sundays. You can learn more about Bistro 211 and view their menu by …show more content…

Open daily for lunch and dinner Bahama Billy 's Island Steakhouse offers entrees that typically fall into the $15 to $22 price range that features typical California cuisine with a Caribbean twist.To learn more about Bahama Billy 's Island Steakhouse or to view their menu you can visit their website .
Finding the right name for your new animal family member can be a fun process because it offers you the ability to express your individuality, think outside the box and most of all to be creative. Many people will be able to name their dogs immediately because their personality reminds them of a particular name, "He is large and in charge, I think we should name him Moose!" But if you are one of the many who need a little help in the pet naming department and are desiring a name that stands out, then take a look at some of the names below. 1.) Tesla (unisex) perfect for any pet with an electric personality. 2.) Zeke (male) great name for a strong, leader pet. 3.) Basil (male) pronounced the British way and not like the spice, made for a pet who is king of his castle. 4.) Sweet Pea (female) for only the sweetest pet around. 5.) Bluto (male) essential for the burly pet who loves the ladies. 6.) Hydra (female) A lass with a fiery personality. 7.) Vita (female) for a healthy animal that was not the runt of the litter 8.) Moose (male) only those who are large and in charge. 9.) Evo (male) a pet who is at one with the earth. 10.) Kiwi

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