Peter's Ascetic Message Of Celibacy

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In due course, Peter returns to Rome and the authorities soon after crucifying him for his preaching of chastity/celibacy. To all appearances, Peter would have gone beyond Rome; however, Jesus’ arrival stops Peter’s direction and immediately influences him to return to Rome. Undeniably, the death of one of Jesus’ supreme followers, Peter, is significant; which, in turn, obviously this issue regarding celibacy endures enormously important to Jesus that He instigates Peter’s death for His convictions. For definitely in the story, Jesus appearance encourages Peter to return to Rome; yet, noticeably there exists nothing in the New Testament that references this strange and courageous event of Peter’s martyrdom, or of Jesus’ association with Peter’s traveling back to Rome. The story leaves little doubt of Jesus intentions; however, it appears numerous religious scholars and others would like us to finish questioning at this point. Essentially, explaining the reason Peter, and other Christian followers taught an ascetic message of celibacy develops due to the end of time approaching and follower’s focus only directed toward God. Nevertheless, that dismissive opinion occurs as to insufficient for such a major issue.…show more content…
Consequently, Peter proceeds to escape town due to all the threats; whereupon, Jesus then appears to him and gives the impression He wants Peter to return. Conspicuously, Jesus presence appearing to Peter transpires as significantly crucial; since due to Jesus the crucifixion of Peter has developed. Furthermore, with Jesus acknowledgement, Peter endures being put to death for his belief in celibacy. Astoundingly, this startling incidence endures as mind-boggling and dramatic! Jesus drastically inspires Peter to die for this belief; for indeed, Peter goes back to Rome ‘rejoicing,’ afterwards he soon to experiences
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