Pharmaceutical Industry: Governance-Association Standards Two sided coin aspects of Governance in

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Pharmaceutical Industry: Governance-Association Standards Two sided coin aspects of Governance in the Public Pharmaceutical Sector
Pharmaceutical products are the key element of health systems that helps the community. Despite pharmaceutical being a huge multi-billion dollar industry. This element of governance describes the negative and positive sides of the pharmaceutical industrial parameters.
Good governance is one of the factors for economic growth and sustainable development at almost all sectors of society. The chaos in such negative parameters, are the prime drawbacks and violence that are failed and clearly pictures the results that prevents bad governance exist. There are many parameters that define pharmaceutical governance
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Practically examining the corruption in pharmaceutical systems, WHO established the Good Governance for Medicines (GGM) programme The programmers’ objective is to reduce corruption in all possible manners in pharmaceutical systems through the application of transparent, accountable administrative procedures and the promotion of ethical practices. The GGM is executed in a 3‐step approach as follows: Governance and the pharmaceutical system
Pharmaceuticals are a very analytical in terms of governance for pharmaceutical industry, with high value participation for health delivery systems and other deliverance that often make a healthy difference for individuals and an entire population. Access to high quality medicines and other pharmacy needs is a opaque issue, especially for disadvantage, weak populations. Despite an effective provide of an international aid, the advent of specialized agencies and funds (such as the Global financial aid to prevent AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria) and many government supported or donor programs keen to improve and look towards the broader global pharmaceutical access, still there is a gap between supplying drugs.
The net worth of global pharmaceutical market is almost figured over US$500 billion, in making this pharmaceutical sector profitable with a bad side of a coin of unethical practices and corruption.
· Components of a Framework for Good Governance in the Public Pharmaceutical Sector
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