Pharmacy As My Career

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I selected pharmacy as my career because I had an interest in science, and I also knew that I wanted to be able to directly and/or indirectly help people for my career. Caring for people is one of the most important aspects of my immediate and long term goals. During my junior year of high school was when I really decided that I wanted to go into healthcare specifically. We found out that my grandmother had cancer and only a few more months to live. She had hospice nurses taking care of her at home, but my mother and I went to her house every day after work and school to help take care of her. It was difficult to ensure that she was happy and taken care of while completing all of my schoolwork, but I worked through it by keeping a planner …show more content…

program will give me the credentials and the knowledge I need to accomplish my goal and be the best pharmacist possible.
My past experiences will be of great use to me in my goal of becoming a pharmacist to care for and love people. One challenge I had to overcome was when I had to change high schools. I had attended a small school my entire life where I knew everyone, but before my junior year, I transferred to a large school where I knew no one. It was very difficult for me to readjust and make new friends when I only had two years left, and it was a tumultuous time in my life. This taught me a valuable lesson that directly transfers to pharmacy and patient care, and that is that everyone is fighting a battle, no matter how put together or polished they appear to be. I tried to appear to be fine, but I was terrified at this new school. This transfers directly to patient care by demonstrating that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect, because you never know what a person may be facing.
Additionally, my work and volunteer experience has also taught me the importance of providing excellent customer service to patients. In a profession like pharmacy, I believe that it is vital to communicate with the patient, answer all questions, and resolve all issues the patient has as efficiently as possible. My jobs at Gander Mountain and The Pointe Recreation Center, and my volunteer work at Family Care Pharmacy have all provided me with customer

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