Essay about Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education

I believe that every child has the ability to learn, but it takes a good teacher to be able to bring this ability out. This is a role I would like to take. I believe the purposes of education are necessary for the child to live a successful life. In my opinion, the school's goals should begin with providing students the necessary knowledge and experiences to help contribute to our society. And it will be a very important goal for me to help my students succeed any where they go. Being a teacher is something that I've thought about since the first grade. The desire to be a teacher is a different story. It is almost a powerful feeling knowing that I can change the lives of so many students. A child will …show more content…

As a teacher I will do my best to make this happen. I am in favor of vocational studies and liberal arts, as well as the general education courses, when it comes to the subjects that need to be taught in school. I think the major subjects such as English and science, as well as subjects such as typing, need to be taught in the classroom setting. The students will gain valuable knowledge, and in some classes hands-on experience, that they can use to their benefit when they get out of school. I believe all children can learn. How quickly they learn depends upon the ability of the child, and the effectiveness of the teacher. It will be my responsibility to be well versed in the subjects that I am teaching. An effective teacher is also aware of different learning styles, and respects the diversity of their students. It is the student's responsibility to take an active part in their education, learning about the world around them to the best of their ability. It will be my job to guide the students through experiences that enable the student to think, reach their own conclusions, and apply what they have

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