Essay about Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education

I want to become a teacher. I must be out of my mind. At least that is what I am told by almost everyone when I tell him or her my plans for the future. Maybe I should become a doctor, lawyer, or own a business. No, I am going to fulfill my dream that I have had since I was in elementary school. I always ask a question to answer, “Why do you want to be a teacher? Are you out of your mind?” I ask who shapes the minds of the children of these doctors, lawyers, and businessmen while they are working. I also ask how these people would become doctors, lawyers, and businessmen without teachers to present them with the gift of education and the skills needed to perform their jobs. I am not out of my mind. I …show more content…

I am sure that I will observe these changes also. As the students change, whether it is in a positive or negative manner, teachers need to adapt to these changes. Teachers that are around the age of retirement seem to have a hard time making these adaptations. My experiences have revealed problems with teachers that have taught the same information to students in the same fashion that they taught it to their parents and occasionally to their grandparents. As students change, teachers need to have the flexibility needed to adapt to the students needs. Students today are much different than they were twenty or thirty years ago, so teachers need to recognize this and help the students by changing their teaching techniques, classroom management, and the amount of training they receive, whether it is required or voluntary.

Going to school has a much more complex purpose than just going to learn things, making your parents happy, earning good grades, or qualifying for better jobs. While in school, students are taught about culture and values and are taught how to act in society. In the United States, students learn about their own culture and heritage in U.S. History classes. Without this, how would anyone know where we came from as Americans or what we stand for?

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