My Philosophy of Education Essay

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My philosophy of Education

The word philosophy is described in the dictionary as the search for human life. There are many different aspects of philosophy: ethics and logic are the main two along with aesthetics, epistemology, and metaphysics. I shall be discussing two of the five in my paper. As a professional educator, I have many different views that I will use for my long term goals and in my teaching profession.

The first area of discussion is the nature of the student. I strongly believe that any one student can be taught, but not all at the same level. I am studying in the physical education and health field. My main goal is to teach students the importance of physical education, health issues and risk, …show more content…

Also Rousseau believed that students need to understand what it takes to be physically fit. Education is important because students need to know how to come up with a solution when faced with a problem of difficult decision. Students only learn as they are taught. If a student is pushed hard enough. Then he/she will succeed. If a student is rewarded the him/her will strive to do their best because they will know that they are special.

As a teacher and mentor, I hope to get across to my students the benefits that physical activity will have on their healthy. I am going to teach about their bodies and the lifestyle that can shorten or prolong their life. Not alone can being physically fit help a person mentally but also spiritually and emotionally and build confidence. Also a person who is physically fit not only feels good about him/herself but is most likely to have a positive outlook on life. Teachers must get the point across that all they expect is the students best. If a student is rewarded and guided by a teacher, they are more likely to succeed and build confidence. Students will share any problems that may arise in their life and build trust and support with the teacher. As a future educator, I have many beliefs as to how teachers must be to themselves and to their students. First and most important, teachers must love and get along with children and

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