Phone Usage in Schools: A Given Luxury, or a Deterrent from Learning?

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Phone Usage in Schools: A Given Luxury, or a Deterrent from Learning? As humans progress both psychologically and physically, technology progresses just as fast, or perhaps even faster. Technology has advanced so far as to allow people to talk to a family member, coworker, or even a complete stranger at the touch of a couple of buttons. We can now have a cellular phone and media player in one, four ounce device that fits in the palm of our hands. However, with the progression of media devices comes the danger of teenagers possessing such devices. The threat of teenagers possessing a device capable of communication and browsing the internet is not one to be taken lightly, but one shouldn’t take on this dilemma like they would a nuclear …show more content…

The companies creating these devices were being pressured to increase the bills sent to their customers. The laws involving piracy and illegal downloading became more severe and apparent, and were being enforced in a more serious way. The issue involving cellular devices being allowed in schools is an important one. With technology advancing more and more each day, the amount of resources and tools available to students increase as well. Phone usage in schools, if allowed and monitored correctly, can be vital, and quite valuable to students who are researching for a topic, or communicating in a group project. Most schools use a content blocking program like Content Keeper or IBoss to monitor and block students from browsing inappropriate sites. These programs also affects any device that browses the web using the same WiFi signal. Some teachers at schools also allow students to listen to music while they work, of which do not abuse this privilege by only listening to music when allowed, and not using their media devices for other purposes. As stated by the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech…” (Davidson, 240) Music is a form of freedom speech, both from the artist and the one listening to it. The student listening to it is using the First Amendment and displaying freedom of speech by listening to who they want to listen to. The First Amendment, or the freedom of speech, is an

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