Photoshop Research Paper

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Have you ever felt bad about yourself? Have you felt like weren’t good enough? Well here are some celebrities that felt the same way. For instance, so has Beyoncé, Brad Pitt, and Lady Gaga that has feel when they get photoshop. Now of days photoshop is everywhere you look from the internet to billboards in New York. Teens are getting mad and also very sad about all of this. They are starting to look and act different because of photoshop. 1-3 graders put on makeup because they feel bad about themselves and most of them have an eating disorder. In addition we need to be careful on how we use photoshop. Teens and young people see it all the time, like in life or on the internet. However, most people use the internet every single day. I know I see photoshop pictures online. It is really bad to let them see it. Some girls put on makeup every single day. So why have another step? Photoshop can be great in some ways but, also harmful. Studies have found out that 78% of 17-year-olds girls are unhappy with their bodies. Teenage girls are more afraid of gaining weight then losing their parents.…show more content…
The most common is anorexia nervosa or bulimia. Most of these kids are killed or get bullied almost everyday. Like they can’t do anything or they aren’t good enough. They can’t be who they want to
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