Physical And Cognitive Development Of Children Essay

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Physical and Cognitive Development in the Children In the book Child Development An Active Learning Approach, it states that the sequence of motor milestones happen in the same way for most babies around the world. This fact indicates that motor development is strongly controlled by our genes, which dictates the expected sequence of the development (page 193). In researching the physical development of children I learned that there are two forms of motors skills. Fine motors skills which use small muscle movements and gross motors skills which uses the larger muscles of the body. We know that brain development is necessary for motor skills development, "from the time babies are born they have a set of involuntary, pattern motor responses called reflexes that are controlled by the lower brain centers and that help them respond to some of the stimuli in the environment" (page 188). As a newborn develops through the the first few months of life the reflexes disappear and are replaced by voluntary and intentional actions. These reflexes can been seen in a child development as early as being in the mothers womb. Some examples of these reflexes can be scene in the ultrasound as they are moving around, or sucking their thumb. Other reflexes are the sucking reflex, stepping reflect or palmar reflex. These reflexes can stay until the baby is between 2-6 months old. Small motor skills involve small movements, mostly of the hands and fingers, but also the lip and tongue. Some find
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