Physical Education And Academic Education

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1. - There has not been that much proof and evidence to determine who developed sports and games but many believe that it was passed down from other cultures near the region where the Phoenicians enjoyed the same activities which are the same rituals and practices that the Greeks used. 2. Dualism is where the mind and the body are considered to be different. 3. Yes it can affect your epistemological beliefs because it is valuing the body as an enemy to the mind because physical education and sport would never be modules of the curriculum. 4. They were saying that physical condition was more important as a mental condition they believed that a person needs both a strong mind and a body in order to survive 5. Naturalistic- view that held man should have a balanced program that would incorporate physical education and academic education and Antinaturalistic- Mind in higher esteem than the body. 6. The Spartans approach to physical education was considered as military training for them which was responsible of the state and also they would only allow the strongest and healthiest babies to live. It prepared them for war because they would have to march long hours with heavy equipment. Yes, because some soldiers still go through training that shows how much physical pain you could take before you quite. 7. Sports were an important part of Ancient Greek life. The most important where the Olympics games which began with a sacrifice to Zeus because the games were religious

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