Physical Education And An Obesity Epidemic

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Running Head: UISD, CrossFit, Behavioral Innovations

Current Situations of CrossFit, UISD, and Behavioral Innovations
Ryan Bender, Ashley Light, Jacob Olivarez
Texas A&M International University

Children are suffering from setbacks in areas of academics, exercise & physical education and an obesity epidemic. There are many distractions which contribute to these areas. Attacking these issues by clearing out the disturbances is the goal of educators seeking a better place of academic performances, healthier living and a more-fit lifestyle for the youth.
Due to increase of population, UISD has to make a number of other campuses to accommodate. UISD has continued to try and better the public …show more content…

And if you think about it, could reestablishing physical education to schools help reinstate America’s placing in the classroom? CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program which focuses on functional movements, well-rounded fitness, nutrition, and a comfortable support system from the community. The program consists of a warm-up in the beginning followed by some skill work depending on the movements for that day, and ends with a workout of the day (WOD). From the sound of it, the workout may be like any other but is that is far from the truth. CrossFit training operates at a high-intensity along with varied functional movements which brings out an extremely intense workout that will have anyone, no matter their fitness level on their backs by the end of the workout of the day (WOD). CrossFit Kids is a separate program which comes from the original and focuses on the kids of the community. The health and wellness of the future begins with the youth and implementing the Crossfit Kids program into schools’ physical education curriculum across the country will benefit the children immensely. According to Sibley (2012), “Infusing fresh content into this well-established and familiar curricular model can create new excitement and interest in students while maintaining program consistency as well as the positive outcomes that sport education provides” (para. 1). The kids in the country should be

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