Force Field Analysis Paper

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Reviewing school data provides information to teachers to address the areas where students are in most need. After identifying the students’ needs, teachers can identify factors that promote the students achievement and factors that prevent students from performing and reaching the standards. This force field analysis will identify the areas my students are struggling in physical education, the desire change, the factors that are driving and restraining the forces, and ways these barriers are restraining the students’ achievement.
After reviewing the data from the fitnessgram state test, the students need to improve their fitness levels. Between the six different fitness components, the assessments showed that students are struggling the
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First of all, students do not have much knowledge about the different fitness components; they do not understand the relation between the fitness components and health. If students acquire the background knowledge about fitness, it could improve the class engagement and motivation, and increase the independent drive to exercise. Second barrier to students’ achievement is the lack of motivation to be active, and even more difficult, to specific fitness activities, such as sit-ups and push-ups. In today’s society, students spend more time sitting in front a screen and less time moving. Parent and school today have more responsibility making sure the children get enough physical activity. According to the New York Times (2016), “early school physical education (PE) programs can make a significant difference, and the earlier these routines are learned the more likely they will be carried forth into a healthy adulthood”. Another barrier that prevents students’ success is the loss of instructional time due to discipline problems. The classes are too big, with many diverse students with individual problems, which are difficult to address when these issues are from very different backgrounds. Finally, there is not enough support from home affecting not only physical education, but
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