Physical Education Program Taught By Unt's Kinesiology Majors

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With a little fear in her eyes, Briana looked afraid of the first ball she would ever catch. Briana was a student of mine that I worked with through an Adapted Physical Education program taught by UNT’s Kinesiology Majors. Briana was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after birth and was hit by a drunk driver at the age of 5. Due to her previous condition and the accident, she obtained speech impairment and partially paralyzed right arm, and poor motor control. Although she enjoyed being active, she was very limited on what she could do physically, mentally, and financially. After a few weeks into the program, she proved to me that she had potential to progress physically and cognitively, but she lacked the resources and help she needed to continue. It was the hope and excitement Briana had when she learned to throw, catch, and kick a ball that made me eager to teach her everything I could in the span of 10 weeks. Throughout my time with Briana, I realized the passion I have for bringing hope, possibility, and opportunity into one’s life. In fact, three months later I was able to use that same passion and apply it to my job as a PT Technician. Becoming a technician gave me an insight to the field of Physical Therapy and a drive to further educate and succeed academically for my patient’s success. Being able to see the connection between my education and my clinical experience has helped me further understand the treatment my patients undergo and has increased my want to give more

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