Physical Geography Unit 4 Study Guide

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Unit 4 Chapters 2-4 are about physical geography, humans, and cultures. Physical Geography is the branch of geography dealing with natural features and processes. The way it works together is mainly by physical geography. One happens naturally as the other evolves, and one lives a harder life than the other. Physical geography has had its effects on humans and its culture/society, but what came out of it was amazing. There are many different landforms in which humans live in or have traveled from. There are about 24 or more types of land forms. Most or all landforms have a type of resource, depending on where you are they will be different. Depending on where you are, the resources could be valuable. An example would be a game called Catan, …show more content…

Culture is the sum of knowledge, attitude, and behaviors shared on or passed on by members of a specific group. This includes human work and train of thought. It’s like a blueprint or rule of how the group of people should behave if they want to fit into a group. It can form us into one group that’s separate from the other groups. Culture involves food, shelter, religions, relationships, language, knowledge, security, social organization, and creative expressionism. A society is a group who basically have nearly the same identity. The term ethnic group is often used to a group that shares mostly was a culture really is. Culture and societies are mostly changing, whether it be at a slow or fast pace. There are about three different types of change or way of change can spread, particularly with innovation, diffusion and its cultural hearth, and acculturation. Language being spread by diffusion ways can establish a cultural identity. Languages identity or culture can lead to the language having to be categorized and making a language family. As languages spread around the world so did religion. Religion consist of a belief in a supernatural power or powers that are regarded as the creators and maintainers of the universe. There are three types of religion monotheistic with one god, polytheistic with more than one god, and animistic or traditional is belief in divine forces in nature. There are also major religions such as …show more content…

The economy system was the way they produced and exchanged goods. There are four types of economies, them being the Traditional economy also known as a “barter”, Command economy also called a planned economy, Market economy which is also called a demand economy or capitalism, and a Mixed economy. The economic activities being in levels are Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary activities. The more developed the country the greater number and activities. There are also natural resources such as renewable, non-renewable, and inexhaustible energy sources. Those play a major part in the world trade, the value of natural resource depends on the quality that makes it useful. The economic support systems infrastructure consist of the basic support systems needed to keep the economy going. The infrastructure must be sophisticated to be a more developed country. Measuring the economic development is in per capita income, and is measured by gross natural product or by the second statistic gross domestic product. Countries around the world have different levels of economic development. Developing nations countries lack industrial base and struggle, as developed nations countries are with a high per capita income and varied

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