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Jimmy A. Rendon Mr. Nichols 10/26/2011 Jimmy A. Rendon Mr. Nichols 10/26/2011 Investigate factors that affect the period of a pendulum: The relationship between Density and Time Investigate factors that affect the period of a pendulum: The relationship between Density and Time IB Physics Internal Assessment IB Physics Internal Assessment Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the relationship between density and time in a homemade pendulum. In order to investigate the phenomenon, the density of the hanging object is going to change, and by recording the time it takes the object to complete a period hanging from the pendulum. According to pendulum’s theory, the period should be the same because the…show more content…
The time is proportional to the density at a gradient of 0.7798 seconds per gram over a milliliter. Although the points should be in a straight line, I can infer that there is a little deviation because of a systematic error, due to the observer. This time the systematic error didn’t make a big difference when sketching the graph. When thinking of speed, the more speed an object has means the more distance it is going to travel, this should justify my results because as the object gets denser the mass is greater therefore the it will gain more speed as soon as its dropped so it would travel more distance making the period longer than the less dense ones. Evaluation and Improvements: Weaknesses | Improvements | One weakness I faced was the accuracy of the measurements while taking the time, when recording the time I hold with one hand the object being dropped and with the other one start the stopwatch. Therefore, while trying to hit the start button I could have probably slightly changed the release point or vice versa. Although my measurements could have been more accurate the limitation didn’t affect that much my data. | I can improve my weakness by instead of me holding both things I could put a camera on front of

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