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In short, quantum mechanics is ‘a mathematical framework that plays a huge role in modern physics and chemistry’. It was interpreted in many ways, however the Copenhagen Interpretation was the most widely held view, largely developed by Danish physicist Neils Bohr who worked in Copenhagen. The framework can be applied to different scientific phenomena and can be used to investigate the behaviour of the building blocks of the universe, all elementary particles. The complex mathematics is useful for these particles as they act in ways classical physics cannot explain. [1]
Classical physics is the study of physics which describes the activity of matter and energy on a scale that is relative to human experience, including astronomical bodies, thus examining the macrophysics of the world around us. However towards the end of the 19th century, scientists such as Thomas Kuhn began to find phenomena in both macro and microphysics that classical physics could not explain. His analysis of the philosophy of science, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions influenced two major revolutions in the development of physics that created a shift in the original scientific models of the theory of relativity ¬¬and the development of quantum mechanics.
Wave Particle Duality [6]
The word quantum describes the smallest amount of any physical energy interaction. Certain characteristics of matter can only take discrete values. Light behaves in a way that differs from the norm – it displays some
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