Physics: Work, Power, Energy

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Experiment 4: Work, Power and Energy

Arlie Bamiano, Jealine Marie Bernabe, Petrenne Clarice Caimbon, Jhia Caso

Department of Biological Sciences
College of Science, University of Santo Tomas
España, Manila Philippines


The experiment deals primarily with computing the work done by gravity on each member in two scenarios (going up and down the stairs of the second floor and the third floor of the Main Building) wherein weight was also considered and following this, the power output of each member was also computed. Using the Logger Pro, the kinetic and potential energies of a ball in free fall were graphed and compared. At the end of the experiment, it was said that member #2 was the most “powerful” among the group
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The time it took for the members to go down the stairs from the third floor to the fourth floor was also noted. Next, the members had to devise a way to determine the vertical distance (h) between the third floor and the second floor. This was done with the use of a meter stick wherein the height of each step was noted and added altogether. Next, the work done by gravity on each member when going up and down the stairs was computed as well. Lastly, the power output of each group member was computed as well and the most “powerful” member of the group was determined.

Activity 2 ( Energy of a Tossed Ball: Physics with Computers) weighing the rubber ball that was to be used. Then, the members predicted the graphs for the potential energy versus time of a ball thrown vertically up from a height of 50 cm., graph of kinetic energy versus time of the same ball, graph of total mechanical energy versus time of the same ball. The members then placed the motion detector protected with a wire basket on the floor. The file “16 Energy of Tossed Ball” was opened and a member held the ball directly above and 50.0 cm from the motion detector while another member tossed the ball straight up while the motion detector began to collect data. The graphs obtained using Logger Pro were then compared to the predicted graphs.

4. Results and Discussion Table 1: Activity 1 (Power) vertical distance between second floor and third floor: 5.021 m Member |
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