Pineapple Express Character Analysis

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Similarities with fictional characters Have you ever thought of which fictional characters you relate too? I am a person who is funny, intelligent and lazy. I chose 3 fictional character that I relate to the most. The three fictional characters that most represent my personality are Saul Silver from Pineapple Express for his funny personality, Chris Gardner from the Pursuit of Happiness for being intelligent and his willingness to strive for success, and Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants for his laziness, always being late to things he had to do.

Saul Silver from the movie Pineapple Express has a silly personality, which I believe is a characteristic that I posses as well. A scene from the movie which Saul shows that character trait is when his friend Dale Denton gets arrested for selling marijuana to kids and Saul had gone off to buy burritos for them to eat. Next he came back and had seen what happened, as the cop was driving away with his friend in the back seat he decided to get hit by the cop car so the officer could get out of the vehicle. Then after that occurred Saul crawled around the car and hopped in the front seat and drove away with his friend. When Saul was struck by the car he spilled a red smoothie all over the front windshield. On that occasion he put his foot through the windshield to create an opening so he can see, despite that wasn't the case his foot ended up getting stuck. This character trait hurts the character because it gets him in sticky

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