Pipeline Welder Career Essay

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The career that I am interested in is a pipeline welder. Welders, cutters, solders, and brazers use hand-held or remotely controlled equipment to join or cut metal parts. They also fill holes’ indentations, or seams of metal products ( Pipeline welders also known as pipe welder join and repair tubular products and metallic pipe component’s ( The education and or training you need to become a welder or a pipeline welder is your high school diploma or equivalent combined with technical and on the job training is typically required to become a welder. There are a lot of opportunities for advancement you can become an Arc Welder, Iron Worker, Gas Welder, Assembler Welder and others there’s a lot of opportunities to choose …show more content…

These courses typically take eight to 12 weeks. After you start working as a welder, you can complete jobs such as repairing buildings and bridges. Specific jobs you can work as a welder include field fabricator, arc welder, sheet metal welder or underwater welder. Generally, you must have at least a high school diploma to be hired as a welder. Some cities may mandate that you gain official certifications or licenses before you start working on welding projects. Depending on where you live, it may take several months to meet all the qualifications to become a welder ( A considerable portion of pipeline welders work on the oil rigs, pipelines, and refineries that make up the oil and gas industry. However, pipeline welders are also needed in the shipbuilding, automotive, construction, nuclear energy, fabrication, and aerospace industries, as well as the United States Armed Forces. Because pipelines can be found just about everywhere that people work and live and in plenty of places where they don’t. Pipeline Welders can find opportunities in many different fields and locations, from a city water and sewage facility to a remote arctic crude oil pipeline ( When you are a welder you have responsibility’s that you would have to

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