Pirates Of The Burning Seas

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Some video games used to teach are “Pirates of The Burning Seas”, “Uncharted Seas”, “Minecraft”, and “Scalable Games Design”. “Pirates of The Burning Seas” is set in the Caribbean in an anachronistic 1720, mixing ahistorical characters and events with a relatively accurate geography as well as adding economic, political, and diplomatic situations that match what was happening within the region during the period (Smith). Students choose nationality affiliation from four nations: Great Britain, Spain, France, or Pirates (Smith). Students success in the game depends on their ability of having tactical ship battles and swashbuckling combat in port battles with participation in a player-driven economy. Each nation has specific ships, economic opportunities, …show more content…

During times of war, players can find themselves economically constrained or even attacked while in port or on the high seas due to their national affiliation (Smith). Pirates can mostly do whatever they want but won't get much help from nations whose subjects they attacked. Two major components to “Pirates of The Burning Seas” is the combat and the participation in the player-driven economy, which both have an educacional value. One of the most interesting aspects of the combat portion of the game is that it led students to begin doing their own research on ships as well as the naval strategies and tactics during the period (Smith). Many started seeking out naval texts from the period to expand their knowledge and combat abilities. Other students realized from my description of Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro in Havana during a lecture that the game had an exact duplicate of the fortress, which led them to assume all the fortifications in the game were close to or identical to the real …show more content…

“Uncharted Waters Online” is set in the Age of Exploration and much like “Pirates of The Burning Seas” you are a ship captain in a largely open-ended world and have the choice to pick what nationality you want. These nationalities include England, Dutch Republic, Ancien Regime in France, Spanish Empire, Kingdom of Portugal, and Republic of Venice. Also you can choose a basic class. These classes include an adventurer, merchant, or soldier. ”Uncharted Waters Online” has a specific narrative path based on the players nationality and career path as a tutorial to learn how to play the game instead of a linear storyline like “Pirates of The Burning Seas”. Several students realized that the water currents and winds seemed to follow a particular pattern and after studying navigational charts for the Atlantic Ocean, they realized it was almost exactly like the wind patterns and currents in real life so they were able to travel in the game safer and quicker. Another group of students realized that the commodities available for trade in the various ports matched what could be found during the historical time in question, and thus they were able to capitalize on moving valuable items from places where they were plentiful and cheap to areas where they were rare and valuable (Smith). Although students first tried to find good places to trade by trial and error, one shared on a blog that she found trade information in

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