Placement Context : Jasmeet Dhari Completed A Successful 405 Practicum At Robert Mcmath School Essay

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Placement Context:

Jasmeet Dhari completed a successful 405 practicum at Robert McMath School in Richmond, British Columbia which is part of School District 38. McMath School is a relatively new, linear school located in the affluent Steveston neighborhood of Richmond. McMath offers many opportunities for students in academics, the arts and athletics and is also a technologically progressive school. Jasmeet Dhari taught 3 blocks of Biology 12, 1 block of Science 9, 1 block of Physical Education 8, and 1 block of Physical Education 9/10. McMath has a population of 1200 students in grades 8 to 12 who are from diverse backgrounds such as Korea, India, China, Brazil, Europe, and Japan. There was a small number of ELL students, students on adaptions and several International students in his classes. Most students that required adaptions were found in his Science 9 class.

A. The Student Teacher As A Growing Professional

Goal 1: The development of a clear, coherent and justified view of education;
Goal 2: The development of a clear commitment to lifelong and lifewide learning;
Goal 3: The development of a clear commitment to uphold the principles that should govern a democratic and pluralistic community;
Goal 4: The development of a clear commitment to maintain ethical and functional working relationships with all members of the educational community; and
Goal 5: The development of knowledge about curricular content, educational theory and effective

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