Plagiarism : Academic Dishonesty And Unethical Behavior

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Plagiarism has always been a problem in several academic institutions. Also, plagiarism has promoted academic dishonesty and unethical behavior to students in the past years. It is therefore a shared responsibility of instructors, schools and even the students to eliminate this practice and continually strengthen the standards of education. During the marking of assignments using the software, plagiarism was detected from the assignment submitted by a student as compared from another previously submitted assignment. Alibis and explanations were provided by the students; however, sufficient evidence was not present. In this regard, the best way to determine who among the students did plagiarize their assignments is the evaluation of the students’ knowledge and understanding on the topic provided. It can be deemed that the student who really made his or her assignment can explain all the ideas presented in their work easily and efficiently. Moreover, although certain sanctions will be given, the student who will be identified as the one who plagiarized should not be undermined. Hence, the instructor must encourage the student to never plagiarizing in his or her future works. Issue definition While marking student’s assignments, it was found out that two students, Maria and Geoff, have nearly identical submissions. Using the software, it established that Maria’s assignment was 76% identical to the assignment submitted by Geoff. Of the two students,
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