Plagiarism And Cheating Is Morally And Socially Accepted

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Today’s world is filled with people that are willing to do anything to get ahead in their careers or in their lives. Even in schools there are many different ways of cheating and getting better grades so that you look better to colleges. The actions of the students and professional work force people who make the choice to take the easy way of doing a task are normally making an ethical choice when they do so. Many times this ethical choice is not made in the favor of the way that is morally and socially accepted. Many schools and jobs have rules and regulations with sometimes very strict punishments if the moral/ethical rules are broken. In schools it takes the form of plagiarism and cheating on tests. Plagiarism is the act of …show more content…

If they go onto college they are again faced with academic ethics, only this time they are on the honor system and if they are found to have violated the code of ethics they are consequences for those actions. At Kaplan University if someone is caught cheating on a paper by plagiarizing someone else’s work and trying to pass it off as their own they are subject to a three tier discipline plan. Directly from the Kaplan University In essence, plagiarism is the theft of someone else’s ideas and work. Whether a student copies verbatim or simply rephrases the ideas of another without properly acknowledging the source, it is still plagiarism. In the preparation of work submitted to meet course requirements, whether a draft or a final version of a paper or project, students must take great care to distinguish their own ideas and language from information derived from other sources. Sources include published primary and secondary materials, electronic media, and information and opinions gathered directly from other people” (Kaplan University, n.d). Kaplan has punishments set up in a three strike system for those that make the choice to violate the plagiarism policy. On the first offense the student is failed on the assignment that the plagiarism happened in, the second offense fails the student in the class they are in that they wrote the report for, and finally the third and final level is being

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