Plagiarism Reflection

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One of the first discussion topics during this course was plagiarism: what is it, what are the consequences of it, how to avoid it. Further along in the year, the class split into groups to create an “event” that is either related to The Other Wes Moore or plagiarism, and my group chose to design and hang up “Wanted” posters that were aimed at famous plagiarists. Despite this being a group project, we only decided on a template, including font, colors, etc., and created an email to write on the posters together. After completing those two tasks, I personally chose renowned primatologist Jane Goodall as my famous plagiarist because she had stolen direct quotes from sites such as Wikipedia. After printing the posters, with a friend from my residence hall, I walked around campus at about nine o’clock on a Sunday night and posted them in different academic buildings. Regarding what I regret about how this project was conducted, I most wish that the other group members and I would have exchanged contact information. Because we did not do so, it was difficult to figure out how we were supposed to print our posters, leading to a significant misunderstanding. Originally, I believed that everyone was to email their individual poster to the email account we created, and then the one girl with the password to it would either email them all to the class teaching assistant who would send them to the English department secretary to print them or email them to the department secretary
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