Planning And Managing Their Information Systems Architecture

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As any city depends on a functioning infrastructure, companies operating in a digital world are relying on a comprehensive information systems infrastructure to support their business processes and competitive strategy. With increasing speed, the transactions are conducted.
Analyzed similarly occupied, and with the increasing amount of data to collect, the companies plan well and the biggest returns on investment to their information systems in order to manage their infrastructure needs.
When planning and managing their information systems architecture, organizations will answer many important and difficult questions.

For example:
• How will we utilize information systems to enable our competitive strategy?
• What technologies and systems best support our core business processes?
• Which vendors should we partner with, which technologies do we adopt, and which do we avoid?
• What hardware, software, or services do we buy, build, or have managed by an outside service provider?
• How can the organization get the most out of the data captured from internal and external sources?
• How can the organization best ensure that the infrastructure is reliable and secure?

Managing in a Digital World: “I Googled You!”

You’re researching a paper for a physics class, and you need information on quarks. Google it (see Figure 1).

• You’d like to locate a high school classmate, but no one in your graduating class knows where she is. Google her.
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