Planning, Development & Community Engagement Department Essay

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PUBM 5110
Organization Analysis
Yu Qin
Planning, Development & Community Engagement Department
Planning, Development & Community Engagement is one of the departments at Kin On Health Care Center, which is a nonprofit organization to provide health care support to adult and senior residents in the greater Seattle Asian community. This organization offers a comprehensive range of social and health services sensitive to the seniors’ cultural and dietary needs. During the fall of 2016, Planning, Development & Community Engagement Department (PDCED) had initiated a new program called The Healthy Living Program. This program aims to help Asian seniors and adults to stay physically fit, mentally sharp and socially active. The goal of Healthy Living Program is to help develop a healthier Asian community. But Healthy Living Program is now facing an obstacle of expanding the community groups. As this is a new program, they are severely lacking in staffs and volunteers numbers. There are also not enough diverse activities to attract more elders into joining the program. The program far from reaching their original goal. This paper will use the principles of Holographic Design to analysis the current situation in the PDCED, and try to make suggestions to help further develop the program.

Background of the Healthy Living Program Kin On Health Care Center was founded in 1985. It was the first nursing home operated by the Chinese community to care for non-English

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