Planning Is A Fundamental Part Of Life

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When someone goes to work every morning, he/she executes a plan. He/she wakes up, gets ready, uses transportation, arrives and starts working. When someone goes on vacation, he/she usually plans ahead: location, hotel, transportation, list of things to do/see, etc. An every action a person takes consists of a plan and its execution. It can be a lifelong career plan or just crossing the street: the plan consists of a goal and steps how to achieve it. Planning is a fundamental part of life. It is important to both individual people and also to organizations. “Planning is the process of determining objectives and assessing the way these objectives can be best achieved” (Barnat, n.d.). Planning is connecting one point, where the organization/individual is now and another point in the future, where this organization/individual wants to be. For the organization a plan is one of the most important parts. Its plan is the future of the organization. When stakeholders make decisions, customers do business, employees perform their duties they all need to know what is the main goal of the organization, so that their decisions could be based on it. Just to put it simple: if someone drives a car without knowing the destination point, no matter how good, far, fast someone drives, all the effort is useless. When a person hires a taxi, he/she tells the driver where to go, same way employees of the organization should know the organizations plan to be a valuable asset and move the
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