Planning and Controlling the Supply Chain Essay

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Four Primary Forecasting Techniques The primary forecasting techniques that Bronson Methodist Hospital uses varies with the ongoing processes of building, implementing, evaluating and the never-ending improvements that are made in each forecast models that are consistent throughout the organization. Bronson hospital focuses on using forecasting techniques that have data that is readily available, can be performed in house, easy to understand and the forecasting methods are reasonable (Harrelson and McClurkan 2007). Listed below are the four forecasting methods that are utilized within Bronson Methodist Hospital and will reflect how each of the elements is beneficial to the management of the organization (Harrelson and McClurkan 2007). …show more content…

To maintain the budget Bronson has the responsibility to ensure that there are enough employees to cover the demand needed for the care of the patients. This is why that there is a program that has been executed called the “float pool” which gives Bronson the flexibility in having employees available at any given notice for working. This also gives jobs to people that are unemployed and looking for employment.

Capacity Planning Capacity requirements planning (CRP) provide feasibility check of these schedules. Capacity requirements planning matches planned production with actual capacity to ensure that schedules can be met; synchronous manufacturing paces the entire production process by the bottlenecks. Therefore, if additional or less capacity is needed, capacity is added or restricted at the bottlenecks. In this way the flow is controlled at each bottleneck to bring the about the entire system the bottlenecks. In this way the flow is controlled at each bottleneck to bring the capacities in line. There are three initial portions of capacity planning and they are considered to be the productive, nonproductive and the idle. Productive capacity is where products are being produced well; Non-productive capacity is where the products are not being produced at that specific time such as when

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