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Production Plan For Riordan Manufacturing Taryn Stewart, Yana Williams, Brynda Mota, Victor Garcia OPS/571 June 7, 2012 Shannon Mathis- Roberts MA,MBA Production Plan For Riordan Manufacturing This assignment will center on Riordan Manufacturing, how they increase productivity, and efficiency. Through the next few paragraphs, it will show how improvements are made to Riordan Manufacturing’s current supply chain. It also touches on how Riordan Manufacturing’s supply chain process extends globally. It will also evaluate the different factors that guide strategic capacity planning at Riordan Manufacturing. Finally, it will analyze Riordan Manufacturing’s current application process to making its current production system lean.…show more content…
The completed product is stored in a storage room waiting for customer sales. From the storeroom, the customers can pick up their fans from the manufacture. Riordan’s transportation department uses a less expensive Chinese shipping company to ship locally. Logistic shipping internationally is similar to the method within the United Sates. In the event of forecasting shortage issues, Riordan integrated inventory methods that show opportunities to reduce costs and enhance services. The company maintains extra stock of polymer’s but not the electric motors. Nevertheless, the motor supplier maintains extra stock at their facility reducing the overhead for Riordan. Riordan Manufacturing will also address operational management. Through addressing operational management, it will provide an efficient process day to day. With operational management, there are tools for which management would use to help make decisions. One of the tools would be strategic capacity planning. From (2012), “The business environment has never been more challenging than it is right now. The foundation that is required to react to dynamic changes in supply and demand is based on understanding your supply chain’s capacities.” By planning out in advance with capacity planning, Riordan Manufacturing does not have to worry about inventory over stock. With the rightful planning, there would be the proper amount of inventory at

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