Plastic Surgery Before Age Eighteen

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Paola Andrea Rojas
Professor Andrews
8 March 2017

Plastic Surgery Before Age Eighteen.

At the end of the 80 's, the first plastic surgery was carried out and has been an outlet for those people unsure of their physique. Since plastic surgeries became a trend, ceasing to be an exclusive practice of actors, actresses, and celebrities. Its consumption has spread to all social classes. Acceptance, feel better and regain self-esteem, are some of the reasons that people who go to cosmetic surgery to improve their physical appearance. The acceptance or rejection of other young people are also factors that influence the decision to improve the physical appearance by putting them in the hands of a plastic surgeon. The advance in …show more content…

(Surgeons, American Society of Plastic).
The most absurd case, is that young people are prohibited from buying alcohol or marrying, but can enter the operating room only with the consent of parents who usually give them the operation by graduation (17 years). It is quite possible that television, movies or advertising, where the human body is idealized, exert a great power of seduction in adolescents considering that at that age physical appearance is of great importance. The problem is that they do not have in mind the danger of an operation in a body that has not yet finished its development. Adolescents who have not yet reached maturity undergo radical physical change operations and can be counterproductive. We cannot try to solve a problem of insecurity and low self-esteem with surgery since its origin goes beyond the physical aspect.

Self-esteem is the appreciation or consideration that a person has for himself. The word expresses love and acceptance of one 's own body and is built from the earliest childhood under the affectionate gaze of parents who proudly look upon the development of psychic abilities and the physical growth of their children. It is a hoax to think that self-esteem can be increased through a cosmetic surgery operation even though they may have some cases where this change can improve their confidence. There are psychological

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