Plato And Aristotle 's Philosophy

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Every day, people go about their lives and live each day as it comes. Some may get out of bed and grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe have a bite to eat and start their day. Because these things are like routine, most ordinary people aren’t going to stop and think while taking a sip of coffee and wonder what makes up the coffee or tea they are drinking and what are forms. This is where Plato and Aristotle stand out above the crowd in their ways of thinking because unlike the guy who just goes on with his day drinking his coffee or tea without a thought, these two guys want to know where things originate and what forms are. Form comes from the Greek word eidos which translates as idea, archetype or essence. Although Plato and Aristotle both have ideas about form, they differ completely from each other. To find out which view is more plausible, they should be compared. Plato was a rationalist and rationalism is the position that reason has precedence over other ways of acquiring knowledge or is the unique path to knowledge. He doesn’t believe knowledge is learned. Plato calls the universal concepts forms. Forms are considered what is really real and forms are eternal and never change and they always exist. Plato believes knowledge is known through universal concepts such as colors, numbers, and shapes. He believes in the idea of dualism in which there are two worlds. Plato believes that the physical world is a reflection of forms from another. There is one world he calls
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