Play Theory Of Human Development

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Play Theory
Many researchers strongly believe on how important play on human development. A spontaneous play contributes to cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language in early childhood development. Play promotes social competence, creativity, language development, and thinking skills. When children are fully engaged in a self-active play, they are able to express their inner capacity to create and express feelings, thoughts, and perceptions.
Play in children stimulates physical, social-emotional, and creative development. As curious as children play and develop language and social skills, cooperative and share, and physical and thinking development. “Play leads to a strong and powerful sense of self-concept; it helps children …show more content…

Piaget and Vygotsky are the most recognized for their cognitive developed theories. They have significant contributions for understanding the relationship of child development and learning. This is a research on the similarities and differences in the theory of cognitive development between the two theorists and Piaget’s stages of child development and Vygotsky’s system of scaffolding.
Piaget was a Swiss scholar and a psychologist who studied children’s cognitive development. He developed the four critical stages of cognitive development and believed that children progress from the stages. The sensor motor stage is from birth to two years. Children experiment and learn the world through senses and actions. The Pre-operational stage is from around two to seven years. Children start to expand and develop vocabulary through pretend play, but still lack of logical reasoning. They begin to represent the world symbolically. The concrete operational state is to eleven years. Children think logically and rational. They begin to understand the thoughts and others are not necessarily the same. The formal operations stage to sixteen or more. At this final stage, children have abstract reasoning and concrete thinking.
Piaget took a more cognitive constructivist view and focused on the reasoning ability of individuals and how individuals interpret knowledge. Piaget theory of cognitive development which proposed children actively

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