Playstation Product Life Cycle

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PLC Case Study: Sony Computer Entertaiment Inc. Nestor Herrera October 30, 2015 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., is a multinational company that serves as a subsidary of Sony Corporation, with main head quarters in North America. Sony is responsible of delivering some of the most innovative and best selling products in the electronics market. For this case study, the main focus will be on one of Sony´s most successful brand, the Playstation, and how the company have manage the product life cycle of its Playstation products, putting an emphasis on the PLC of its first product, the Playstation 1. The case study will also evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies used to mantain the Playstation brand among the leaders of the market…show more content…
Therefore, since the launch of the PS1 Sony has position themself as a premium console with relatively high-premiun prices. Growth and Maturity Sony's Playstation 1 enjoyed a massive success following its released, selling over one million units during its first six month. A key marketing tactic they implemented at launch was to include the corporations already well-known and respected name (Sony) in the console's brand name, Sony Playstation, giving a sense of trust to customers new to the gaming world. It has been estimated that Sony spended about $40 million in marketing, with iconic phrases such as "Live in your world. Play in ours" being their main slogan at launch. Sony had a clear vision on focusing on its stated demographic, and a clear example of that is when Sony sponsored the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards. The success of the PS1, same goes to all home video game consoles, was determined by not only the quality of the console itself but mainly of the success of the games being develop for the console. Games were developed by third party video game developers, and some games were developed exclusively for specific consoles, and that is were the real competition consisted. To compete with Nintendo's wide library of beloved excluve games (such as the pop-culture icon Mario), Sony took the industry by storm with the

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