Sony 's Corporate Brand Identity

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Sony is one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. It has introduced various high quality products such as the Play Station series product line. However, Sony has not managed to have a positive net income and has faced six net loss in the last seven years. Aiming for a turning a round, Sony declares a goal of $4.8 million of operating profit in the fiscal year 2017 and targets a 10% return on equity (the Economist, 2015). Sony’s business strategy to is to restructure and divide the company into three sectors, which are Growth Drivers, Stable Profit Generators, and Volatility Management, to give the business sectors the independence to operate in the most efficient manner (Baker, 2015).
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dollar, and the Euro (Griffin Consulting Group, 2012). Although the economic landscape is changing for Sony, the company has potential to grow through its reorganizing activities.
Problem Statement
Sony must reposition its “growth driven” and “stable profit generator” sectors in their markets to increase its audience, achieve sales growth, profit expansion and maximization, and capture market shares.
Alternative Solutions
To regain some of its market share in its “growth driven” and “stable profit generators” sectors, Sony can reposition its competition in the minds of consumers. For instance, Sony can use comparative advertising to demonstrate that its brands are superior to its competitors. In this situation, Sony can attempt to alter the portrayed image of its competitor, Nintendo, and position its PlayStation game console as the better-quality product (Positioning(marketing), n.d).
Sony can also differentiate themselves in the market by employing a consumer-focused positioning strategy. A consumer-focused positioning strategy revolves around consumers. This strategy can be tailor made to the audience by using social media, apps, and other online platforms to engage, access, and directly communicate with consumers (Positioning(marketing), n.d.). Being consumer focused is in line with Sony’s new planning

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