Pleasantville and Back to the Future

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Everything everywhere is constantly changing. People change, weather changes, plans change, everything changes; you can’t escape change. Two movies that really illustrate the concept of change are Pleasantville and Back to the Future. In both of these movies, the main characters – Marty, David, and Jennifer – are sent back into the times of the 1950s and are faced with a world completely different from their own. In Pleasantville, David and Jennifer get stuck in David’s favourite television show Pleasantville as the characters Bud and Mary Sue. Jennifer seems to want to stir things up, creating change throughout Pleasantville, while David is doing all he can to stop Jennifer from destroying their perfect world. On the other hand, in Back to the Future, Marty gets sent back in time to when his parents were his age. Unfortunately, he runs into his parents, causing his mother to fall for him, supposedly interfering with Marty’s future. All of these main characters have to deal with a lot of change – the key concept these movies have in common. While Pleasantville and Back to the Future both focus on the concept of time and change, both movies illustrate change from different perspectives. These movies also have other similar concepts, such as racism and the idea of the “ideal family”; however, they both differ by discussing other social issues as well. Before traveling back in time to the 1950s, the characters in both of the movies acted very similarly. In both Pleasantville

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