Polar Bear Vs Polar Bears

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Throughout many years, our Earth’s climate has changed and fluctuated many times. As of today, our climate has been increasing dramatically. This has to do with burning too many fossil fuels and creating more greenhouse gases, which make the Earth absorb more sunlight from the sun’s rays. Although this is hurting humans, no one has really thought about how it is affecting the arctic animals. It has affected polar bears and their way of life. Climate change is also affecting lemmings, and the way they use the snow to survive. The Arctic Fox has a new competitor, the Red Fox. Climate Change is affecting the biodiversity of animals and could cause a major extinction. Polar Bears have always relied on sea ice for their main activities. They use the sea ice fro hunting, traveling, and for breeding. Scientists have found that sea ice has been melting earlier in the spring. They have also found that the time it takes for ice to form again is also taking a longer time in the fall. The problem with this is that the Polar Bears spend all their winter and spring on sea ice breeding and hunting. On the sea ice, polar bears hunt seals, in fact, that is what they mainly eat. When polar Bears consume the seals,they provide the needed fats and nutrients needed for the harsh arctic environment. If the ice is melting faster, then that means that seals won’t rest on the sea ice and Polar Bears won’t be able to hunt them.(NASA) In the Arctic, there is a continuous trend that seems to be

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