Police Brutality And The Laws Of The Nation And Protect The Citizens Of Their Nation

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Police offers are surpots to uphold the laws of the nation and protect the citizens of their nation from harm, but that is not always the case. Throughout history, the ones that are designated to protect the public the one are harming the public. When the police abuse their power, it is not uncommon for them just to look the other way and not charge the other office of any crime. In the United States the defining of police brutality is the wanton use of excessive force, this could be physical, verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by a police officer. Often times, the victims of police brutality are arrested for a crime, not the police officer; it is not until the citizen become aware of the brutality and demand that the office be…show more content…
King was then cuffed and arrested for Driving while under the influence (DUI) and fleeing for the police.
This would have just been another incident between the Los Angeles police department and an uncooperative suspect if it were not for George Holliday. George Holiday (Holiday) was living in an apartment near the intersection of Foothill Blvd and Osborne St. in Lake View Terrace when heard something going on outside and got his camcorder at that time he filmed violent beating. The first 13- seconds of his videotape were blurry but it showed King trying to get away passing one of the officers. The next minute and half, King are beaten with batons, being kicked repeatedly and even tasered many times by the officers. He contacted the Los Angeles police two days later and told them that he had videotaped the incident, but the LAPD did not care to see it and just ignored him. George Holiday then took is videotaped to KTLA television so the public could see how the LAPD burrity beat Rodney King. KTLA edited out the first 13-seconds of the videotape because it was blurry, but that means they also edited out the part where King was trying to flee from the LAPD) and showed it on the news. They showed the videotape repeatedly and it was then it picked up by other television stations and
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