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On 8/31/17 I interviewed Officer Spohn, Cpl. Miller, and Sgt. Shannon in reference to report #17-001866 and Special Report #2017-011.
Officer Spohn was provided an order of confidentiality memorandum and a requested written response to the events. Officer Spohn stated that on 8/27/17 at 0023 Hrs. he responded to a disturbance call at 2801 Southside Drive, Southside Village Apartments, apartment #1212 and #1214. On arrival he spoke with Officer Villalpando’s son, Zane Reitz, caller Leann Perkins, and Dmitri Welch. At that time Officer Spohn Officer Villalpando allegedly pushed his son during a confrontation with Welch, and her boyfriend, Curtis Jones. During Officer Spohn’s next shift at 1900 hrs. he continued the investigation and met …show more content…

Zane explained that Officer Villalpando had been intoxicated inside the apartment and walked outside and began arguing with a male subject in the parking lot. Zane stated that his dad was upset and the he attempted to hold him back to prevent a physical altercation from occurring. Zane said that his dad physically pushed him, but that he did not wish to file charges. Cpl. Miller spoke with Welch who explained that Officer Villalpando is frequently intoxicated and makes obscene comments to her and her guests. The comments are vulgar and sexual in nature. Cpl. Miller has not had contact with Officer Villalpando in reference to the incident.
Sgt. Shannon was provided with an order of confidentiality memorandum and a request for a written response to the events. Sgt. Shannon advised the he was contacted by Cpl. Miller via radio that requested his presence at the scene. On arrival Cpl. Miller told him that Officer Villalpando was listed as a suspect in the assault and that witnesses observed him to be highly intoxicated. Sgt. Shannon states that Officer Villalpando’s son, told him that his dad had shoved him. The conversation was on L3 # 158652 (after review I observed the recording not to be audible). Sgt. Shannon did not locate and question Officer Villalpando due to that the parties were separated and not risk of reoccurrence. Later, Sgt. Shannon noticed a missed call from Officer Villalpando and Brownwood PD dispatch on

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