Policy Models Or Frameworks.. The Assignment Seeks To Explore

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Policy Models or Frameworks.
The assignment seeks to explore the Housing Legislation Amendment Bill/Policy issue and discuss about the present roles the New Zealand government is doing, recognizing relevant concepts and frameworks which are used clarify the roles for government in New Zealand and my country of origin. Furthermore, a dissimilar framework will be applied to the housing policy issue and its implications will be scrutinized for understanding the roles of the government and other stakeholders with the respect to the issue. Scott, (2010) argues about the theory of collaborative advantage which proposes that improved results can be attained by facilitating networked collaboration between public, private and various stakeholders
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During the colonial era, various Acts were put in place to render blacks powerless to utilize their land, such as, Land Apportionment Act (Number 30 of 1930) which divided the country into African (black) and European (White) areas, (Moyo, 2014). The author asserts that Blacks were indebted by circumstances to work in town and retire to rural areas after work. Moyo (2014), argue that the Urban Areas Accommodation and Registration Act (Number 6 of 1946) specified that only employed blacks could be allowed in towns and cities. Thus, the local authorities to set aside urban residential areas for working Africans or employees could be accommodated by their masters. Post-independence the government implemented specific policies and stratagems to redress the discriminations in the provision of housing. The government enacted the following policies: Homeownership, National Housing Fund, Housing and Guarantee Fund and Aided Self Help, (Moyo, 2014). However, the Ministry of Local Government and National Housing made tremendous efforts to curb the housing issues but the economic conditions has been not conducive or permitting to yield better results. According, to personal experience there were places in Zimbabwe that blacks could not set their foot unless you have been summoned or when you are possessing a pass otherwise you will be charged with trespassing.

The New Zealand government has and is using the social

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